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Why should you stay out of a semitruck’s blind spots?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Understanding the blind spots of a semitruck is crucial for safe driving among those sharing the road with these large vehicles. A semitruck’s blind spots are significantly larger than a standard vehicle’s, making it difficult for a trucker to see other cars nearby.

The blind spots of a semitruck are commonly referred to as “No Zones.” Due to the size and height of a semitruck, these blind spots are much larger than in passenger vehicles, and a car can easily disappear from a trucker’s view if it’s in these zones. You must be aware of these areas to avoid being in a position where the trucker can’t see you.

Avoiding the front and rear blind spots

The area directly in front of a semitruck is a significant blind spot. Due to the height of a truck’s cab, the trucker can’t see a car that’s too close to the front bumper. Maintaining a safe distance ahead of a semitruck ensures the trucker can see your vehicle and reduces the risk of a collision, especially in sudden traffic stops or slowdowns.

Similarly, the area directly behind a semitruck is also problematic. Tailgating a semitruck puts you in a blind spot where the trucker can’t see you. This position increases the risk of a rear-end collision and limits your view of the road ahead.

Navigating the side blind spots

The side blind spots of a semitruck are extensive, particularly on the right side. The right-side blind spot can extend several lanes wide, making it dangerous for vehicles to linger alongside a semitruck. Drivers must pass semitrucks quickly and safely, ensuring they don’t stay in these blind spots longer than necessary.

The left side also has a blind spot, but it’s typically smaller than the right. Still, drivers should exercise caution when passing on the left and ensure they can see a trucker in their truck’s side mirror before attempting to pass. If you can’t see the trucker, it’s likely they can’t see you either.

Crashes with semitrucks can cause significant injuries. Seeking compensation for your harm is important if you’re in this position and the crash was either not your fault or was only partially your fault. Arkansas law has strict time limits, so be sure to work with a legal representative to help you file a case swiftly.