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3 factors that cause many motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | May 7, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When temperatures start to increase and the sun stays out for longer, those with a motorcycle in storage often start getting the itch to go out for their first ride of the season. Every spring, most motorcycle riders have to go through a lengthy maintenance checklist to make sure that their bike is in good condition after sitting in storage.

Checking the bike’s main systems and all safety gear for signs of damage or deterioration while in storage is important for an individual’s safety as they prepare to ride. Many motorcycle riders also benefit from briefly refreshing themselves on the top causes of major motorcycle crashes so that they can keep themselves as safe as possible during the riding season.

Alcohol impairment

Maintaining full control of a motorcycle takes more skill and situational awareness and safely operating an enclosed motor vehicle. Even a minor reduction in driving skills could lead to life-threatening consequences for the person on the motorcycle. Therefore, avoiding alcohol as much as possible when riding on a motorcycle is often in someone’s best interest. Alcohol is a factor in many crashes caused by motorcyclists, and impairment on the part of other drivers is another top safety concern for those on two-wheeled transportation.

Excess speed

The unique sensory experience of flying down the highway on a motorcycle can sometimes prompt people to engage in unsafe behaviors, such as knowingly exceeding the posted speed limit by a significant amount. The faster a motorcyclist travels, the easier it may be for them to lose control and to end up getting hurt in a crash that they may have otherwise been able to prevent. Complying with the speed limit and also adjusting motorcycle riding practices for weather and traffic conditions are crucial for someone’s safety.

Distracted drivers

It isn’t very common for those operating motorcycles to pull out their phones to send a text message on the road, but plenty of people in larger vehicles will do exactly that. Distraction only exacerbates the difficulty that drivers already have noticing and properly responding to motorcycles in traffic. Drivers who don’t pay attention to their surroundings are likely to overlook nearby motorcycles, possibly with tragic consequences.

When getting ready for each ride, a motorcycle rider can help protect themselves by reviewing crash risk factors in addition to doing a quick maintenance review of their motorcycle. Learning more about what causes motorcycle collisions can help people to more effectively avoid specific risk factors while on the road.