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Ready To Help With The Challenges Of Probate

After the death of a loved one, family members often do not know how to go about settling the deceased person’s estate. When there is a will, the will names a personal representative or executor, so the first order of business is to make sure that person is able and willing to serve. The Law Office of Cliff Collins in Cabot, has helped many families through this process.

Settling An Estate After A Family Member Dies Intestate

When there is not a will, the death is considered to be “intestate.” A court may appoint a personal representative in such a case. Contact a lawyer at Law Office of Cliff Collins for help interpreting and carrying out your loved one’s will — or devising a course of action if your deceased family member died without a will in place.

It is not uncommon for young people to die without wills. The Law Office of Cliff Collins is prepared to help families in such circumstances to gain access to bank accounts, vehicles and other assets. Mr. Cliff Collins can help you close your family member’s estate expeditiously.

Carrying Out Loved Ones’ Wishes As Expressed In Wills Or Set Up In Trusts

People with significant assets, on the other hand, do typically have wills and trusts in place. Probate lawyer Cliff Collins can guide the appointed personal representative in taking an estate through probate if necessary. If trusts make probate processes unnecessary, he can help ensure that all legal requirements are fulfilled for the closing of the estate — advising responsible people of important steps such as including filing final tax returns.

After the death of a loved one, families are often in a state of grief. If the death was sudden, shock and disbelief may be part of the picture. If there was a long lingering illness or decline, the burdens associated with this challenge may have left family members exhausted and confused about how to proceed. As an experienced probate attorney in Cabot, Arkansas, Cliff Collins can relieve some burdens by advising a personal representative how to fulfill obligations such as:

  • Notifying creditors
  • Selling real estate, if applicable
  • Closing bank accounts
  • Transferring assets from retirement accounts and other investments
  • Collecting life insurance proceeds, if applicable
  • Filing any necessary documents
  • Fulfilling asset transfers to charitable organizations as designated in the will

Call Today To Consult With A Probate Lawyer

For help with estate matters after the death of a loved one, call 501-712-5202 or send an email inquiry. If your elderly spouse or parent is likely to pass away soon, contact the Law Office of Cliff Collins for a review of estate documents to gain an understanding of how to proceed once death occurs.