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Strong Estate Planning Help For Every Stage Of Life

At the Law Office of Cliff Collins, estate planning is a collaborative effort between clients and the attorney. An initial consultation involves in-depth discussion for the purpose of discerning the goals and objectives of a client or a couple. Services range from construction of a simple will to a more comprehensive approach including a trust or trusts; a health care directive and powers of attorney. Scheduling a conversation with an estate planning attorney in Cabot can help you start designing an estate plan that fits your life circumstances.

Review Your Will Whenever Life Takes A Turn

A life change such as a marriage, birth of a child, a move, the start of a business, divorce or the death of parents often reminds people to update their wills. Reviewing your motivation for bringing your will up to date is a good place to begin a conversation with your lawyer:

  • What assets do you especially want to protect for your family or other designated beneficiaries?
  • Will other people such as business partners also be affected by your eventual death?
  • How can you protect a business as well as your personal estate through a well-crafted will?
  • How can you put your affairs in order to ensure a smooth transference of all of your assets according to your wishes?
  • How can you help your family avoid unnecessary tax burdens?

One way to think of a will is as an insurance policy: Even if your family does not end up needing it for many years, it can provide peace of mind that is well worth the expense and effort. On the other hand, death without a will in place is certain to cause trouble and cost more for family members.

We also create trusts for people who can benefit from this type of estate planning tool.

Quality Of Life Considerations Are Crucial

Comprehensive estate planning is not only about the distribution of money and property after death. End-of-life issues are part of the big picture for most people, also. If you become incapacitated and doctors say you are unable to make decisions for yourself, who will protect your interests? A health care directive (also called a health care proxy or living will) and appropriate powers of attorney can spell out your preferences. Your living will and powers of attorney can vastly simplify decisions and processes related to medical and financial affairs.

Estate Law Matters Can Be Cheap On The Front End Or Expensive On The Tail End

For clear advice and direction about wills, trusts, powers of attorney or a health care proxy, call 501-712-5202 or send an email. Schedule a consultation with an experienced Lonoke County estate lawyer.