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Legal Guidance Through Child Custody Disputes

“The best interests of the child” is always the highest principle of any family law court when it comes to issues such as child custody and visitation.

Divorced, separated or never-married parents have their own priorities, beginning with their own parental rights. Most parents want to preserve loving relationships with their children, and many seek to maximize the time they spend with their child or children. Others place a high priority on convenient, workable arrangements. Some believe the other parent’s household is hazardous for children. They may seek ways to prevent parental kidnapping. Some hope to minimize any child support obligations by keeping custody of their children most of the time.

Nearly all parents, though, agree that they want their children to be as happy, healthy and secure as possible. This fundamental shared value is a productive starting point for many separated parents. The Law Office of Cliff Collins in Cabot, aims to help clients obtain child custody and visitation orders that will protect both their parental rights and their children’s best interests.

Ready When You Don’t See Eye To Eye

Unfortunately, parents often disagree about the best child custody arrangements, even when they want to minimize disruption for their children. There are often complications to consider such as relationships with half-siblings and grandparents; school life, neighborhood friendships, special needs and/or extracurricular activities. Arriving at agreeable child custody arrangements is often very challenging — but essential.

What about the child’s preferences? What about differences in the parents’ respective households that may enhance or detract from a child’s well-being? Sometimes a child psychologist’s testimony is crucial to arriving at a workable child custody and visitation plan.

Consult With A Child Custody Lawyer Today

The Law Office of Cliff Collins is an effective advocate for parents in child custody cases. Attorney Cliff Collins has served as an attorney ad litem for hundreds of children in child custody and child welfare cases. He is well-prepared to advocate on behalf of your child. Cliff will work to protect your parental rights and your child’s wellbeing in a child custody matter in Arkansas. Call 501-712-5202 or email the law firm to schedule a consultation.