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When you’re looking to resolve a legal dispute around your family, you want it to be resolved quickly. At Law Office of Cliff Collins in Cabot, attorney Cliff Collins can help you chart out a straightforward path for your family law issues.

Answers For Common Family Law Questions

Family law issues rarely have one simple resolution. You may be facing one aspect but quickly realize it can affect all other aspects of your life.

  • Are you engaged and wondering whether you should pursue a prenuptial agreement? Talk over your concerns and learn how to make a prenup enforceable if it should ever become necessary to use it.
  • Has your spouse asked for a divorce, or are you planning to ask your spouse for a divorce? Talk to an attorney right away before moving out of your house, disposing of assets or making other unilateral moves that could affect your divorce settlement or child custody rights.
  • Whether married or not, are you and the other parent of your child or children separated or preparing to separate? Child custody arrangements are essential for the sake of your child’s stability, even if you believe you and the other parent can manage an informal arrangement. Protect your parental rights and your child’s well-being by obtaining a workable child custody order.
  • If you are divorcing, establishing a sensible property division arrangement will be a high priority. We can protect your rights.
  • Do you need help to modify or enforce an existing child custody, child support or spousal support order? A lawyer on your side can streamline the process.
  • Do you wish to adopt your stepchild? The Law Office of Cliff Collins assists with stepparent adoption as well as other private adoptions.
  • Are you a grandparent seeking information and guidance in the area of grandparents’ rights? You may be entitled to visitation rights under Arkansas laws in some circumstances. Guardianship of your grandchild may also be an option.
  • Do you need help with a name change or other family law matter?
  • Do you wish for advice about Arkansas’s putative father registry? Through this registry, you can protect potential parental rights if an ex-girlfriend gives birth to a child and you are determined to be the father. Understand your rights and responsibilities before submitting a putative father registry form to the state.

Empathy and a client-focused approach are hallmarks of the family law practice of the Law Office of Cliff Collins. Resolving your family law matter can provide peace of mind and a new lease on life as you move beyond conflicts and uncertainty and return to the business of life without loose ends.

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